The Thank You Hashem movement takes hold across the pond.


A separate TYH group has finally been opened, especially for the residents of the United Kingdom. Although the English groups were already quite popular for those seeking inspiration, there is a significant gap in the vernacular, which justified a whole new group for England. The time zone difference was also an important factor in the push to open a UK exclusive group. Burech Hashem, well over 200 people have already joined, with those numbers growing exponentially every day.

As the movement grows and takes traction across the globe, we look forward to adding more groups for different localities and demographics. With over thirty-six thousand members, the concept of connecting to Hashem through Thanking Hashem is becoming a global phenomenon.


Thank Hashem for all that He does to keep us well.


Thank Hashem for all that He does to keep us well. I lost something very important and I am sending this donation in appreciation of all the times that Hashem gave me what I needed when I needed it. It is not a diamond or gem or piece of jewelry. It is a paper with a list of all that I owe friends and neighbors for things they purchased for me during the pandemic which I would like to finally pay them back. This paper is more important to me than all the diamonds and gems in the world. I want to pay back a debt and cannot do it without the information on that paper. Thank You Hashem for helping me find this important piece of information. And…Thank You Hashem for everything you always do for myseld and my family to keep us well and safe.

I was in a store & didn’t realize the time, all of a sudden I realized that my meter was up


I was in a store & didn't realize the time, all of a sudden i realized that my meter was up. I said quietly to myself, Hashem please save me from a ticket. If i come out & thete is no ticket i will publicly Thank You.
I quickly ran to the cashier & payed for my purchase, i ran out of the store as quickly as possible & when i arrived to my car, a HUGE smile appeared on my face. B"H there was no ticket.
I really couldn't believe it.
I was 15 minutes late.
Hodu Lahashem Key tov Key Leolam Chasdo.
Thank you Hashem for saving me from a ticket.
& for performing miracles
Every minute. With what we see with our eyes & with the things we don't see

Thank you Hashem for Music.


Thank you Hashem for Music.
Thank You Hashem that you bestowed talent upon people; singing, composing, playing instruments etc.
Thank you Hashem for the vast array of musical instruments to create melodious music. The various different types of music to enhance our mood and elicit calmness. Music is a special gift from Hashem that can improve how we feel and behave.
Thank You Hashem for the joy of music.

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