Grandmother not feeling well!


My grandmother is an elderly woman. Suddenly shabbos morning she started not feeling well & had to be taken into the hospital. Upon arrival the situation turned dire & she had to undergo surgery immediately & we didn't know what the outcome will be.
When I went to visit my parents today I heard what's going on & promised to thank hashem in public if the surgery goes over well & she wont have to be put on a respirator. So here I am fulfilling my promise
THANK YOU HASHEM for performing an open miracle for us the surgery went over very well & she didn't need to be put on a respirator!! Also thank you hashem that the dr called just in time to give us an update on the situation - the family representatives that was in the hospital was suddenly told she must leave & we didn't know how well b able to get n update on the situation. Just when things looked very bad & helpless the dr suddenly called to give an update!

My toddler fell from a stone surface.


This shabbos my toddler fell from a stone surface. Down to concrete. The first hour he wasn’t acting himself. We were super worried. I said hashem, thank you for this gift of a healthy baby and thank you hashem for continued health for my child! I calmed down and just davened to hashem that he should help that my baby should be ok! I promised to thank publicly and then tried to calm everyone around me. He started acting and sounding himself a bit after I said this. We had hatzolah check him but they said just observe him for a few hours and if something doesn’t sound right then call us back. We didn’t have to! Hashem helped him heal on his own and he is perfectly fine! Thank you so much hashem for healing him! For his continued health and continued good health for our family! Thank you so much for watching over my baby!

The letters people bought for the Torah are still working.


Yes!! The letters people bought for the Torah are still working.
I bought letters for the Sefer Torah for a few sick people mostly recovered a while back already, but one person was stuck in the hospital since pesach with Corona on a vent. Had many procedures finally THANK YOU HASHEM she was taken off the vent this week and Dr's are saying she is on the way to a full recovery.
Thank you hashem

Hashem I literally just asked You to help me with calming down


I literally just asked You to help me with calming down a half an hour ago- I saw someone's post re their anxiety and then saw the Tefilas Toda on the tyH status update BH 🙏🏻 and said it and BH I'm feeling much more calm- for a list of procedures my 7 yr old daughter will be going through tomorrow. I'm also davening that they all come out negative ! HASHEM please ! And as soon as they all will bli Neder, I will post a great big thank you over here
On this awesome 😎 whatsapp group 😍 thank You HASHEM in advance !

I woke up again today not feeling well


Thank you Hashem!!!!
I woke up again today not feeling well and thought I was gonna have a terrible day.
I started thanking Hashem for everything. By the time I was done I was feeling much better

Had Pain


Last night at about 10:00 pm I took 800mg prescription strength Ibuprofen for pain that I am having
At 12:00 as I was getting ready to go to sleep I reached out to the table intending to take one of the regular medications that I take. I took out two tablets. But as I was swallowing them I realized that I had taken 2 more of the 800 mg Ibuprofen. That totaled to 2400 mg of Ibuprofen. I started to panic and tried to force myself to vomit but nothing worked.
I called Hatzolah who told to call Poison Control. Poison control took all information and told me that it is not necessary to go to the hospital. They told me to drink milk and eat something.
I did as they advised, but I also said the tfillas Todah. I promised to publicly Thank You Hashem that BH there were no adverse effects.
I will also donate $18 to the Thank You Hashem Organization

Thank You Hashem for our healthy baby boy.


Thank You Hashem for our healthy baby boy born yesterday! Today, a nurse said he was a little yellow. I said Tefillas Todah, thanking Hashem for his health and expressing my confidence that He alone runs the world and can remove anything whenever He wants.

Literally a few minutes after I finished, my wife messaged me that the nurse said he’s actually on the safe side of yellow. Hashem alone runs the world!

I just made a donation to TYH in gratitude for our newborn son and his continuing wonderful health.

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