The Thank You Hashem movement takes hold across the pond.


A separate TYH group has finally been opened, especially for the residents of the United Kingdom. Although the English groups were already quite popular for those seeking inspiration, there is a significant gap in the vernacular, which justified a whole new group for England. The time zone difference was also an important factor in the push to open a UK exclusive group. Burech Hashem, well over 200 people have already joined, with those numbers growing exponentially every day.

As the movement grows and takes traction across the globe, we look forward to adding more groups for different localities and demographics. With over thirty-six thousand members, the concept of connecting to Hashem through Thanking Hashem is becoming a global phenomenon.


A Second Sefer Torah for the “Crown in lieu of Corona” campaign.


Due to the overwhelming response to our first campaign to write a Sefer Torah as protection against the terrible Coronavirus, we have had to add a second Sefer to accommodate all the requests for sponsorship. The popular campaign, which started at the beginning of the pandemic, quickly gained traction as people saw open miracles after participating in the Sefer's writing. Sponsorship opportunities for the first Sefer Torah were filled rapidly, and the need for a second Sefer became apparent.

As promised by the holy Besh" t as soon as we started the "Crown in Lieu of Corona" Campaign, the situation continued improving. The organizers saw the undertaking of a second Sefer as a simple need, and with thanks to Hashem, the conditions around Covid-19 keeps on getting better day by day.

We look forward to celebrating the completion of the two Sifrai Torah sometime in the next year.

A Crown in lieu of Corona campaign takes off with resounding success.


March 30 2020

During the rise of Corona virus, when thousands of families were tragically being affected, we came up with a novel idea. During a disease outbreak in Europe, the holy Bal Shem Tov – The founder of Chassidus, famously instructed a Sefer Torah to be written. Miraculously as soon as they started writing the Sefer, the plague subsided.

Following in the footsteps of the great Bal Shem, we, the Thank You Hashem Nation, started a similar campaign to write our own Sefer Torah as a gift to Hashem, a Crown in Lieu of Corona. Immediately at the start of the campaign, we started seeing an uptick of positive updates. The letters are quickly being reserved as Klal Yisroel strived to join in this tremendous endeavor and put an end to this terrible Covid-19 pandemic.

Soifer started Parshas Breishis
Rabbi Aron Berkowitz went to take a look where the
writing for the torah is upto

A tremendous Simcha for the TYH nation, with the completion of a perush on every perek of Tehillim.


A tremendous Simcha for the TYH nation, with the completion of a perush on every perek of Tehillim.

Shortly after the launch of the Thank You Hashem movement, a certain Talmid Chuchim who requested to remain anonymous reached out to the organizers. He offered to post relevant recordings every day to the TYH nation, on the various platforms. The recording is usually a pusik or a short vort discussing the concept of always being thankful to Hashem.

About a year ago, he started doing a commentary on Tehillim (Psalms). David Hamelech was the embodiment of stop crying and start thanking. If you look carefully into each perek, you will see a recurring theme. Every time David Hamelech finds himself in peril, he finds a way to praise Hashem, and each time Hashem sends salvation anew. This month we have finished the commentary on the whole Tehillim, causing great celebration among the followers of TYH.

Thank You Hashem, expands to new platforms.


Our most recent addition that caters to the followers of the TYH nation is a magnificent weekly pamphlet. The pamphlet which comes out in Yiddish, English, and Hebrew has a wealth of knowledge in easy to understand language that can be enjoyed by adults and shared with kids. We have received incredible rave reviews from readers of all types.

This follows the launch of our immensely popular hotline. Many people who find it hard to read or spend a lot of time on the road, really appreciate having an audio medium where they can be inspired and share their thankfulness to the creator of the universe.

These are in addition to the many groups on Whatsapp, GroupMe, Telegram, Instagram, and more. There is an option and unique group for every need. Available for multiple demographic groups and in multiple languages, including Spanish.  Check out the site for more info on each group.

Another TYH update


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