passed border

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We wanna thank hashem in public that our chusen passed the border with no problems. And tyh that he doesn’t have to be quarantined.

Table Broke


הודי לשם כי טוב! Thank you hashem, I can't thank you enough for this miracle. My daughter went on top of the table and fell down together with the glass she just got a tiny scratch.

Grandmother not feeling well!


My grandmother is an elderly woman. Suddenly shabbos morning she started not feeling well & had to be taken into the hospital. Upon arrival the situation turned dire & she had to undergo surgery immediately & we didn't know what the outcome will be.
When I went to visit my parents today I heard what's going on & promised to thank hashem in public if the surgery goes over well & she wont have to be put on a respirator. So here I am fulfilling my promise
THANK YOU HASHEM for performing an open miracle for us the surgery went over very well & she didn't need to be put on a respirator!! Also thank you hashem that the dr called just in time to give us an update on the situation - the family representatives that was in the hospital was suddenly told she must leave & we didn't know how well b able to get n update on the situation. Just when things looked very bad & helpless the dr suddenly called to give an update!

Car Seat

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We were not able to start our car. I said that I will thank Hashem publicly if it starts. Right afterwards a nice man came by and helped us.

I was driving at night….

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Thank You Hashem! I was driving at night and only realised once I was through the intersection that a set of traffic lights was out! I drove through without stopping to check! BH there were no cars coming! Nissim vniflo'ois! Mizmor Lsoda!!

My husband and I have been trying to sell a piece of property in Eretz Yisroel


TYH always. My husband and I have been trying to sell a piece of property in Eretz Yisroel for such a long time. For every step along the way we always needed another stamp, another document, another registration. It really seemed never ending. Finally we just needed one more document which seemed elusive. I said that if our lawyer was able to get that document today I would post it. הודו להשם כי טוב. This is a fulfillment of what I said. B"H our lawyer got the document.

My toddler fell from a stone surface.


This shabbos my toddler fell from a stone surface. Down to concrete. The first hour he wasn’t acting himself. We were super worried. I said hashem, thank you for this gift of a healthy baby and thank you hashem for continued health for my child! I calmed down and just davened to hashem that he should help that my baby should be ok! I promised to thank publicly and then tried to calm everyone around me. He started acting and sounding himself a bit after I said this. We had hatzolah check him but they said just observe him for a few hours and if something doesn’t sound right then call us back. We didn’t have to! Hashem helped him heal on his own and he is perfectly fine! Thank you so much hashem for healing him! For his continued health and continued good health for our family! Thank you so much for watching over my baby!

Kids love school


Thank you hashem that I have the zechus of being part of this wonderful movement.
I would like to thank hashem that our children bh enjoy school and cheider and have clever heads and grasp new concepts with relative ease. After this extended period of being home some of them are finding it a challenge heading back to school/cheider. Iyh when we have a day when all our children wake up with simchas hachaim to go to school and then come home happy I will come back here and thank hashem again publicly.

Saving my life of a accident

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I’d like to publicly thank Hashem for saving me from getting run over by a tractor trailer that ran a red light this morning.

I was having trouble with my oven.


I was having trouble with my oven the whole week, I couldn't get it to preheat to the temperature I set it.
Today I wanted to make a special dip lekoved shabbos however the oven wasn't going on again. I remembered that a while back I had the same thing & only after thanking hashem did the oven turn on. So I started thanking hashem for all the times the oven did work & went out of the kitchen. A few minutes later the oven beeped that it got to the right temp! THANK YOU HASHEM YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!!!

The letters people bought for the Torah are still working.


Yes!! The letters people bought for the Torah are still working.
I bought letters for the Sefer Torah for a few sick people mostly recovered a while back already, but one person was stuck in the hospital since pesach with Corona on a vent. Had many procedures finally THANK YOU HASHEM she was taken off the vent this week and Dr's are saying she is on the way to a full recovery.
Thank you hashem

I was trying to get my son into a certain Yeshiva


I was trying to get my son into a certain Yeshiva and I donated $50 to Thank you Hashem, and promised another $50 and post it, if he gets excepted. I am happy to announce that he B"H got excepted today, and I donated the $50.

Pulled Over

DMV/ Travel

I was pulled over by a cop today, for talking on my cell phone. I promised I will publicize it if all went well.  2 minutes later he let me go free!! Thank you Hashem for everything!!

Wow it is incredible how much Hashem loves us (loves me)


Wow it is incredible how much Hashem loves us (loves me) yesterday I was at a wedding I left my house with my sister the wedding was in Monroe (1:30 travel) when we arrived I had my car keys and my cell phone in my hand and My sister had a bag and the wig box I asked my sister if she can keep the keys in her bag since I did not want to carry it all the time with me at the wedding. We had agreed that depending on what time the wedding ended if I returned home or stayed over there, in the middle of the wedding, my sister tells me that she want to leaves with the bus that she does not want to stay overnight since I did not want to drive late. at night alone and it was raining very hard. In the middle of the dance I see that my sister is not there when I asked someone they said she left with a bus I tried to call her but she did not answer me I though oh well have a good trip after half an hour we decided to go to home I was going to go to my sister-in-law. I suddenly remembered that my sister had my car keys I panicked didn’t know what to do one of my friends said I’ll call my brother he is in the bus she called him but he was not on the bus. So my friend says I have another brother that he is in the She call him and asked him if he was in the bus he said yes and he starts to chat my friend tells him where the bus right now ???? !!! And he says ….. by the door downstairs here. Wow hashem a million thanks !!!! I have no words to thank you for the thousands of chasadim that you do with us day by day hour by hour minute by minute WOW THANKS !!!

My son travelled back to eretz yisroel to yeshiva

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My son travelled back to eretz yisroel to yeshiva. Although “they” claimed Israel WILL NOT HONOR ENTRY PERMITS FOR STUDENTS…. he was bh successful, with Hashems guiding hand, in entering Eretz Yisroel! He arrived safely, was admitted to eretz yisroel ( although must now quarantine for 2 weeks). I’d like to thank HaShem that everything went smoothly Bh Bh bh.

Thank you HaShem for sending me and my family


Thank you HaShem for sending me and my family the proper Shliach to help us! We know that nobody can help or do anything without HaShems ratzon and only at the proper time! TYH for everybody and everything!
Ein oid milvado !

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