Table Broke


הודי לשם כי טוב! Thank you hashem, I can't thank you enough for this miracle. My daughter went on top of the table and fell down together with the glass she just got a tiny scratch.

Wow it is incredible how much Hashem loves us (loves me)


Wow it is incredible how much Hashem loves us (loves me) yesterday I was at a wedding I left my house with my sister the wedding was in Monroe (1:30 travel) when we arrived I had my car keys and my cell phone in my hand and My sister had a bag and the wig box I asked my sister if she can keep the keys in her bag since I did not want to carry it all the time with me at the wedding. We had agreed that depending on what time the wedding ended if I returned home or stayed over there, in the middle of the wedding, my sister tells me that she want to leaves with the bus that she does not want to stay overnight since I did not want to drive late. at night alone and it was raining very hard. In the middle of the dance I see that my sister is not there when I asked someone they said she left with a bus I tried to call her but she did not answer me I though oh well have a good trip after half an hour we decided to go to home I was going to go to my sister-in-law. I suddenly remembered that my sister had my car keys I panicked didn’t know what to do one of my friends said I’ll call my brother he is in the bus she called him but he was not on the bus. So my friend says I have another brother that he is in the She call him and asked him if he was in the bus he said yes and he starts to chat my friend tells him where the bus right now ???? !!! And he says ….. by the door downstairs here. Wow hashem a million thanks !!!! I have no words to thank you for the thousands of chasadim that you do with us day by day hour by hour minute by minute WOW THANKS !!!

Thank you HaShem for sending me and my family


Thank you HaShem for sending me and my family the proper Shliach to help us! We know that nobody can help or do anything without HaShems ratzon and only at the proper time! TYH for everybody and everything!
Ein oid milvado !

My hands are shaking as I write these amazing miracles.


הודו לד כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו
My hands are shaking as I write these amazing miracles. Words are too poor to express my gratefulness to HAKUDOISH BURICH HI!! Still I want to shout & share my experiences & the open YAD HASHEM I saw the past few days. I mentioned many weeks ago, that I lost my job & didn’t know how I will pay bills but will publicize when I see a yeshia. I started my own company but didn’t get paid from clients yet. A large bill is due this weekend. This is what happened:

  1. My car insurance was reduced – carrier gave a Covid-19 deduction
  2. I give money for an almunah every Rosh choidesh, I was in a dilemma how to give her the money and didn’t have the heart to tell her how tight I am financially. She called me before Rosh choidesh, she heard I lost my job & will NOT take money from me until I have a regular income.
  3. I got a retainer from a client – paid last minute
  4. A client that owes money, gave a partial payment
  5. I saved delivery charge to get an important package from out of town – my husband happened to be (in other words “HASHGUCHA”) in that neighborhood THAT DAY!!
  6. Old boss who owed me money for months, emailed this week to ask how I want the payment. I asked, please pay to the credit card company. He didn’t agree, after a few back/forth emails he gave me banking info, so I was able to pay online day before the due date.
  7. Interesting twist, I thought due date was yesterday, actually its tomorrow. EVERYTHING fell into place. WOW, WOW!!!

Achron, achron chuviv!! This is a double miracle!! I’m applying for a mortgage; the credit card balance is on my credit score. Now that I made the payment today, it will clear by the time the bank checks my credit score.
ישתבח שמך לעד מלכינו

Thank you hashem for helping me in time of need I’m in a wheelchair and had just moved into a new house


Thank you hashem for helping me in time of need I'm in a wheelchair and had just moved into a new house and had a lot of garbage and boxes and I forgot to ask my aid to take care of it I realized that it was garbage day and if it doesn't go out today it won't go for the next two weeks because next Monday is memorial day. so I went out myself and started cutting up all the boxes and putting them into other box and was pilling them up in the fence then I would have to get out of the wheelchair climb down the stairs to the street and take down the boxes from the fence and put it out to the curb as I was almost done stacking up the boxes I saw the garbage truck start going on my street and I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish in h time and get down and take the garbage to the curb I asked hashem for help I really wanted the garbage out then a miracle happened the garbage guy came to take the garbage from the curb he saw me and asked if I had any garbage I told him yes he came up on my porch took all the boxes to his truck back and forth like 7 or 8 times then he took down for me the regular garbage put it at the curb then helped me stack up the last box and said you have yourself a good night and went his way so I felt I had to thank hashem in public for helping me in an unexpected way thank you hashem for everything you do for me and my family thank you hashem always

I’m on orlando and I switched from one house

DMV/ Travel

I'm on orlando and i switched from one house to the other i made 2 trips to the new house my sister took one trip and dropped of some stuff and then came back to collect the rest of the stuff to drop off at the new place when i got there none of the boxes where there i called the management and garbage company no one had it i was getting nervous i said thank you Hashem and said that if we can find our boxes and everything we left in front of the house i'll post it on the group publicly. 3 min later my husband said maybe she dropped it off at a diff house. My sister had sent me pics of all the boxes she dropped off so i looked at the pic and i saw a diff welcome mat so i asked her to describe to me the house she dropped it off at and were it was located on the street i went to check and all the boxes were there b"H!!! A real miracle those were important stuff i needed.

2 wonderful things happened to me today!


Thank you Hashem!
2 wonderful things happened to me today (besides for all the things that we take for granted)!

1: I received a letter from a utility supplier that I owe them money for an old account closed down a long time ago, from a venture that was not so successful.
I said I would thank Hashem publicly when all goes well.

I called them up and they told me the account is closed but there is still a bill outstanding of a very large amount, however they reduce it monthly as they are marking regular payments each month, so it was a follow up call to see if I could make any final payments!
I have never heard from them for a long time and also don’t pay them and no one else gets bills as it is a closed account still in my name!

So Hashem has sorted it for me!
Wow Thank you Hashem!
How often do you hear of utility suppliers just lowering what you owe!
Thank you Hashem!

I was in a store & didn’t realize the time, all of a sudden I realized that my meter was up


I was in a store & didn't realize the time, all of a sudden i realized that my meter was up. I said quietly to myself, Hashem please save me from a ticket. If i come out & thete is no ticket i will publicly Thank You.
I quickly ran to the cashier & payed for my purchase, i ran out of the store as quickly as possible & when i arrived to my car, a HUGE smile appeared on my face. B"H there was no ticket.
I really couldn't believe it.
I was 15 minutes late.
Hodu Lahashem Key tov Key Leolam Chasdo.
Thank you Hashem for saving me from a ticket.
& for performing miracles
Every minute. With what we see with our eyes & with the things we don't see

Thank You Hashem for our healthy baby boy.


Thank You Hashem for our healthy baby boy born yesterday! Today, a nurse said he was a little yellow. I said Tefillas Todah, thanking Hashem for his health and expressing my confidence that He alone runs the world and can remove anything whenever He wants.

Literally a few minutes after I finished, my wife messaged me that the nurse said he’s actually on the safe side of yellow. Hashem alone runs the world!

I just made a donation to TYH in gratitude for our newborn son and his continuing wonderful health.

I would like to share my miracle story.


I would like to share my miracle story.

This happened 2 weeks ago
I was waiting for an approval from a city agency in reference to a very valuable project. I got a response that this is a ‘Definite no’ I will not get it approved.

Today in the morning I decided to make a call and convene again, i gave Tzaduka and promised to publish the story and thank Hashem, and, the unbelievable happened I got the approval a hour after the phone call!!!

Thank You Hashem!

And now this week It only got better

After I thanked Hashem I got last Friday the first day Shveeas another approval from the city. I was waiting 3 years for this!

This is abnormal as the city process is slow during coronavirus and now they have me the approval!

Thank You Ari for keeping me inspired by the amazing stories day after day!

This morning , for the first time I spent an hour on personal prayer and talking to Hashem in my own words.


This morning , for the first time I spent an hour on personal prayer and talking to Hashem in my own words. I asked Hashem to help me internalize that parnassah comes only from him. A few minutes ago I get a text from my boss that he wants to give me a bonus next week for all the hard work I am doing. This is totally unexpected.
There is nothing but Hashem. He wants to give me abundance and is waiting for me to come back to Him.

My husband and I lost our jobs


A few months back, both my husband and I lost our jobs at different place, literally within 15 minutes of each other. That day, we decided that we are going to do this nisayon with a positive attitude. BH BH we pushed each other, and the next day, Rosh Chodesh, I sang hallel every word out loud for over 20 minutes. It was scary, but we stayed strong and trusted in Hashem. Fast forward to today when we realized that we doubled our savings during this time. True, our savings were not that much, but who can say that? Only the person who believes in Hashem, and has bitachon 100%, can enjoy such a miracle. Thank you Hashem!

BH we welcomed a new baby towards the end of January.


This story has a lot of intricate details so I will keep it as short as possible. BH we welcomed a new baby towards the end of January. With a new baby comes newfound bracha into the family. Additionally a lot of new expenses come as well. Our first big expense was when there was a big misunderstanding and the baby was not going to be added onto the insurance policy that we had for the mother. After trying for many days and long hours to try to correct the misunderstanding it seemed like we hit a dead end and a brick wall and there was nothing left to do. Insurance was definitely not looking to be helpful at this point, there were huge bills that they would need to cover. As an afterthought they said that I can send an appeal letter, but really no point because there was nothing to do. Case closed. It looked like I would be the one who would have to negotiate tens of thousands of dollars with the hospital to pay off the bills.

I turned to Hashem and said if you work this out that "somehow" the baby can be added and covered I will post on the Thank you Hashem chat to thank you in front of so many who make it part of their lives to constantly look for opportunity to thank You.

I am happy to be here Thanking Hashem on this forum. When appeals called me they started by saying this is not an appeals issue. They informed me that they had listened to my phone conversations and that they were correct for not covering. "For some reason" they stuck in that there was one conversation that they did not review. I asked them to please review. 30 minutes later they called me back to tell me that they would be able to add the child onto the policy from the date of birth.

My marriage was in risk for the first time ever.


My marriage was in risk for the first time ever. I promised HaShem that if it would be restored back I was going to announce it publicly. My friend started reciting Tehillim for us since Sunday night and today my spouse and I had a conversation for the first time after 8 days of not talking to each other at all, the talk was not successful but I thanked HaShem afterwards because I knew He allowed us to be in that situation for a reason. A few minutes later I read a powerful quote on Chabad about marriages and sent it to my spouse to read it too. When I got home we started talking back in a very kind way and just a few minutes ago, my spouse apologized to me and we reconciled and won’t divorce!!!
HaShem is real!!! He is a powerful G-d!!!
Thank you HaShem because you invented the marriage and love families! Baruch HaShem! Thank you HaShem for Tehillim and thank You for this amazing group!
Thanks a lot Ari for being an instrument of HaShem. This group is wonderful because we can crown our King every day through our stories and the miracles He performs every single minute in our lives! B’H

TYH we got a tenant for our basement. . .


Promised to thank hashem in public - - TYH we got a tenant for our basement. . . It was empty for a bit and We really need every dollar to cover expenses [since we're struggling right now financially ….] TYH for taking care of us all the time . TYH business is picking up and we will see more and more profit every day bezras hashem!! Very speedily and very easily, with abundance . TYH for the daily miracles and all the kindness .. ..please, continue to show us your love kindness power and strength and show that only you can make the impossible very very possible!!!and answer our tefillos! TYH ! EIN OID MILVADO ❣️

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