Grandmother not feeling well!

June 16th, 2020

My grandmother is an elderly woman. Suddenly shabbos morning she started not feeling well & had to be taken into the hospital. Upon arrival the situation turned dire & she had to undergo surgery immediately & we didn’t know what the outcome will be.
When I went to visit my parents today I heard what’s going on & promised to thank hashem in public if the surgery goes over well & she wont have to be put on a respirator. So here I am fulfilling my promise
THANK YOU HASHEM for performing an open miracle for us the surgery went over very well & she didn’t need to be put on a respirator!! Also thank you hashem that the dr called just in time to give us an update on the situation – the family representatives that was in the hospital was suddenly told she must leave & we didn’t know how well b able to get n update on the situation. Just when things looked very bad & helpless the dr suddenly called to give an update!

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