I wish I could publicise to the whole world the greatness of Hashem! Last week my husband checked his bank account and saw that we had been charged over £900 for 1 months phone charges whereas I usually paid £12-£16. I immediately said Thank You Hashem and promised to publicise once the money was paid back. I called the customer services of the cell phone company band I was told I had to speak to a manager who would call me shortly. When he called he was really unsympathetic and didn’t really want to hear what I had to say. I just kept on saying Thank You Hashem and finally he agreed to talk to a higher authority and see what he could do for me. He called back the next day and said the best he could do was refund me £300. My husband wasn’t so happy and s as I’d he wanted to speak to a higher authority himself. He put us through but we had to wait on the line so long that in the end my husband put down the phone. In the meantime I wasn’t sure if I should call back or wait for someone to call me. I waited a few hours but no one called. I decided to put in a lecht for Real Shayele and within 30 minutes I had a call from a top manager who was so understanding and so kind. He listened to my story and said he would call back within the hour after discussing it with the top department. I thanked Hashem again and within the hour he called back saying that all the money would be refunded to my account (besides for regular monthly charges). I couldn’t believe it but obviously Hashem can do anything! Thank You Hashem! There is no one like You! הודו לה׳ כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו

June 15th, 2020